Wide-Open Space Jam

This summer you did a little trash talking; wore garbage on your sleeve; and resorted to, well, resorting (eco, of course).

Hey. Anything to save the seal pups and the world they live in.

Next stop: The Echo Project, the Fairburn music fest October 12-14 that’s all about protecting the planet.

Before the show, link up with concert-goers and volunteers to help clean up the Chattahoochee. Why would you do that? Well, you can trade volunteer hours for admission.

Bands like The Killers, The Roots, Stephen Marley, and The Flaming Lips will have you feeling your own renewable energy source. Speaking of, the sound and stage systems are solar powered. And if you want to go all out, get a green ticket upgrade: A measly $4 offsets more than 600 pounds of CO2 emissions.

Great music. Great scenery. What could be better?

Oh, right. You’re saving the earth.

The Echo Project, Bouckaert Farm, Cedar Grove Road, Fairburn (800-594-8499 or