Retro Textual

“Quite sure something’s back here?” snickered Edmund Pevensie.

“Promise, promise!” said Lucy, navigating the brocades, woolly skeins, and rococo stylings of the Lewis & Sheron showroom.

“I think we’re lost,” said Susan, not the sharpest quill in the inkwell.

“There it is!” said Peter.

And so it was. Through the entryway and around the corner stood Staceage, a land of conversational furniture and whimsical fabrics ruled by Lewis & Sheron great granddaughter Stacey Sheron.

The youngsters shaded their eyes from the gleaming white floors, walls covered in ninja prints and foil leathers, and nail heads in every color. Edmund immediately darted for the Chanel-inspired fainting couch and matching ottoman.

“It’s like Kelly Wearstler on a futuristic absinthe binge!” exclaimed Peter.

“Who?” queried Susan.

“Just one of Sheron’s inspirations,” said Edmund, giving away that he, too, had peeked into Staceage before now.

And that, as they say, was just the beginning.

Staceage, 912 Huff Road, West Midtown (404-350-3233 or staceage.com).

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912 Huff Rd NW
Atlanta, GA 30318