While You Were Sleeping

Yesterday’s near-death-by-turkey incident left you in such a tryptophan fog that you crashed after helping No. 4 and woke up with sheet-creased cheeks and an Amy Winehouse hairdon’t.

And you barely cared.

Branché charmeuse pillow slips put the beauty back in beauty sleep. And not just because the local label issues the goods in pretty colors like blush, blue, ivory, and sage. The slippy silk stays smooth, preventing the dreaded pillow face. And since hair slides around the slick surface, no inadvertent ratting goes down (which explains why they’ve been a favorite of hairdressers for ages).

Silk is hypoallergenic and full of amino acids, so it can’t be the worst thing to smush your mug against.

No, that would be Aunt Rhonda’s burlap couch.

Available online at shopintuition.com. To see styles, go to branchebeautysleep.com.