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Spice Up Your Life

They say that variety is the spice of life. You say, “Yes, but a spot of Sriracha never hurt, either.”

Brace yourself for tempting helpings of both at Spice Market, Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s first venture into our fair city, opening Tuesday. (We have it on good word that he’ll be in the kitchen tinkering with the menu on opening night.)

Chef de cuisine Ian Winslade executes a global street menu feast. Start at the floating bar with black pepper shrimp with sun-dried pineapple and spiced Thai wings with mango and mint.

Move on to the tapestried dining room, with Colonial-era tables and wood chairs refinished in purple leather, for crispy crab and glass noodle salad with peanuts, mint, and sweet chili sauce; red curried duck; and grilled steak with coriander, sesame, and garlic.

Sweeten the deal with fruits sprinkled with spiced lime salt, mixed cookie bags (coconut chocolate chip, ginger oatmeal, peanut butter), and Spice Market’s curious signature treat — Thai Jewels and Fruits served over coconut crushed ice.

Out of this world? And around it, too.

Spice Market, 188 14th Street Northeast, Midtown (404-549-5450 or culinaryconcepts.com).