Clean Sweep

Pack water and a snack. And don’t forget your compass, Febreze, and smelling salts. A note on thrifting trips: they’re not for the faint of heart.

Fortunately, Atlanta native Ellen Witt has taken the legwork out of it. Her new jewelry line, Marcellina G., is an amalgam of vintage finds and pieces from her childhood closet.

Witt’s pieces are witty, too. Look for quirky combos of heirloom charms — knights paired with cameos, mice chasing cheese, scarabs and pharaohs — that she’s scoured, archived, and saved for their ideal match.

And some designs are just plain pretty. Witt’s penchant for mixing things up — gold tassels on silver chain; playful mixes of brass, wood, and stained glass — makes rifling through her stash feel like a style treasure hunt.

Minus the funny smells and pit stains.

Available at Jac, 245 North Highland Avenue, suite 120, Inman Park (404-681-4696). To see styles, go to marcellinag.com.

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245 N Highland Ave NE
ste 120
Atlanta, GA 30307