Sprucy Juice

XYZ. No, not your YKK. That Z-I-T.

Too busy to keep up with your dermis lately? Let it go and call Amy Leavell Bransford, owner/operator of New Moon Skin Care.

Her organic facials start with a Just Add Honey-infused hot towel compress, cleansing, and diamond-wand exfoliation. Don’t believe it’s working? She’s tickled to send you home with a dead skin filter souvenir. Moving on …

You’ll know the next step by smell. Cool, tingly wine-, grape-, and green apple-based serums smell as good as they feel. BTW, her jojoba oil waxes are great add-ons. (Bransford is obsessed with taking the ouch out of hair removal.)

ITP or, even, slightly out? She’ll come to you, toting her zero gravity treatment chair and groovy antispa playlist (Feist, Yael Naim, Iron & Wine).

Don’t think of it as being lazy.


New Moon Skin Care (404-375-5457 or

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659 Auburn Ave NE
studioplex, studio 125
Atlanta, GA 30312