One to Grow On

The sweet candy grass lures you. Your mouth waters at the sight of lollipop trees. Cotton candy flowers and feathery fronds tickle your little fingertips.

No, you didn’t trip and land in the Chocolate Factory. You’re just traipsing through the edible landscape in your own backyard. (Oooh, look: flowering fig trees!)

Sustenance Design creates low-maintenance gardens that incorporate plants like blueberries, rosemary, and echinacea into healthy, sustainable landscapes that taste as good as they look.

A pro will come over for a home consultation and create a design sketch, which accommodates rain harvesting cycles and our perpetual dry season. Then wait for your garden to bloom with, say, cilantro and parsley (diverse gardens attract ladybugs and other insects which feed on plant-eating critters, not plants) and Jericho romaine lettuce (a garden border and a side dish!).

Delicious, local, and good for you, too.

Now that’s the golden ticket.

Sustenance Design (404-377-2843 or sustenancedesign.net).