Daddy Dearest

Remember when all it took to get your way was “Pretty please with a cherry on top”?

Yeah. Us, either. Time to pay him back for all the things he did get right.

He’s a man of many hats. And bags. Vegan totes by Malcolm Fontier — in styles like The Interpretor, The Agent, The Director, and The Guide — are oh so fitting (Bill Hallman Men, 792 North Highland Avenue; 404-876-6055).

On the outside, he’s all business. On the inside, he’s a creative genius (and he still reads comics). The two meet in Retromodern business card cases in a bevy of neat-o designs.

satisfaction guaranteed!

Athens-based designer Nick Canada’s Satisfactory skinny ties come in standout colors with screen-print images to spice up his office attire (1Five0, 1000 Marietta Street; 404-474-4102).

Appeal to his suave, chin-stroking side with a vintage billiard ball bottle stopper and an inspirational paperweight (Olive & Fig, 1025 Canton Street, Roswell; 770-998-2595).

The man loves a sandwich. He’d be happy with one from Publix, but go the extra mile for a monstrous, meat-filled Cuban from Kool Korners Grocery (349 14th Street, West Midtown; 404-892-4424).

You nag him to get in shape; he vows to run the Peachtree. Loving nudges come free of charge at virtual runners’ community RunPeachtree.com.


Take him on a father-daughter playdate: First a spin around the cold cereal bar, then a leisurely stroll through the dog park at new Reynoldstown hangout ParkGrounds (142 Flat Shoals Avenue; 678-528-9901).

At least the dog will thank you.

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