Go Fish

The thought of slimy anchovies with their crunchy little bones makes you want to gag.

But your taste may change when you see Annechovie, a line of light-hearted drawings, paintings, and prints by artist (and former Atlantan) Anne Harwell.

Just e-mail a photo of something you want to commemorate (your home’s exterior, a fave chair, your shoe collection, the mess in your purse) and Harwell will whip up a detailed image just for you.

Go big with a canvas to hang above the sofa or opt for something small like a set of note cards. If you’ve got specifics to declare, she’ll blow up graphics of your favorite quote or signature recipe.

You’ll have no bone to pick with that.

Annechovie (annechovie@verizon.net). To see styles, go to annechovie.etsy.com.