Food & Drink

Diner’s Club

For some, ambient dining means late-hour binging and a neurological disorder. You deserve better than that.

You won’t sleep at RogueApron dinner parties, roving chowdowns fashioned after the likes of Ghetto Gourmet and the underground London dinner party circuit.

Founders Lady Rogue and Lord Apron (we don’t even know their real names yet) organize events around a certain theme — BBQ, sushi rolling lessons, corned beef, coconuts — and go out of their way to mix and match groups for maximum chitchat.

Sign up for updates online or via Facebook and await details on date, theme, and location. Suggested donations are just that: If you’re low on dough, volunteer your services as a dishwasher, greeter, or party host.

So long as you bring something to the table.

For more information or to sign up, go to rogueapron.com.