Food & Drink

Boomin’ Granny

Recipe for Promising New Resto
Serves 2-200

1 lifelong family cook
Fresh, wistful memories of Nana
A ton of flour and eggs (for fresh pastas)
Wide selection of cured and prepared meats
House-made mozzarella
Olive oil and smiles for garnish

Combine chef/owner Matt Ruppert and sous chef Chris Lyons (Paul’s, Vinocity) in an up-and-coming part of town this Friday.

Mix old-timey touches (a lunchtime pickle jar, Italian drinks on ice, and quick sandwich counter) with local produce, tasting as you go.

Serve with Italian vino in a cozy dining room filled with wine-barrel walls; a grandfather clock; and photos of Ruppert’s grandmother, the inspiration behind the place.

For a different experience, serve on an eight-table patio at sunset.

Like Grandma used to do.

Noni’s Bar & Deli , 357 Edgewood Avenue, Sweet Auburn District (404-915-8679 or nonisdeli.com).