Icing on the Cake

You rooted for Romy and Michele as they plotted their, like, totally awesome revenge against all things tacky and tepid. You’d have totally shopped their store.

If only they weren’t total idiots.

Now you can shop Meringue, a smart new boutique from Jordan Chadwell and Nicole Raithel.

They bonded over D.C. sales gigs and have struck out on their own here with playful tops and dresses by Porridge, Corey Lynn Calter, and Voom, as well as heavy hitters like Chaiken, Woo, and Bailey 44. (Raithel’s style is whimsical; Chadwell prefers more serious stuff.)

Recessed wall nooks house Moss Mills chains, Sheila Fajl pieces, and Laurel Denise pendants. The mini shoe boutique up front is perfect for taking Frye moccasins (arriving later this month), Dolce Vita pumps, and Matiko flats for a test strut.

Assuming you’ve mastered chewing gum while walking.

Meringue, 1393 North Highland Avenue, Morningside (404-724-0960).

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