Anthology Britannica

As a child, you rejected nursery rhyme theory. Willy’s wee winky made you laugh, not cry. And your sugar:spice ratio was always way off.

There’s hope for you yet, little girl lost. Read up on Anne Leman’s dresses and tops.

Leman spent her childhood in London and hopped back for FIT, which may explain the transatlantic inspiration she derives from global design cues like origami and balance.

The rosette neckline on the lilac Celia dress contrasts an edgy, exposed back zipper. Lucille, a black sheath with fan detail at the hem, combines silk and shiny-side-down duchess satin. The otherwise girly Reva top has a spare racer-back that leaves little to the imagination.

Well. Enough for happily ever after.

Available at Merino, 3400 Around Lenox Drive, suite 200 (404-846-6307).

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3400 Around Lenox Rd NE
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