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Chocolate Reign

If Willy Wonka invited you over for a tasting tour, you’d turn him down on account of the garish factory digs.

In your world, style and substance should go hand in taste bud.

We’ve got sweet news: K Chocolat proprietress Kristen Hard has opened a shop of her own.

A silver-stepped bungalow space, glass display tables, and a wrought-iron scale (for measuring cocoa nibs, Goji berries, and cocoa beans) are a feast for the eyes. The belly will love lemon sorbetto popsicles and chocolate ice cream cups topped with fresh cream.

On weekends, the back room lab/gallery will show art and host public and private tastings. Herbal infusions and healing tinctures are in the works, though details are Oompa-Loompa classified for now.

That’s the golden ticket.

Cacao, 312 North Highland Avenue, suite c, Inman Park (404-221-2626 or kchocolat.com).

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312 N Highland Ave NE
ste c
Atlanta, GA 30307