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Crunch ’N’ Munch

Shoppin’ at Sevananda. Rockin’ prairie skirts. Riding high on … life.

You sure do miss your flower child phase.

Get that crunchy feeling back with Goodness Gracious Granola.

Baked by Lawrenceville resident Susan “Summer” Cordell, a part-time caterer from a family of Georgia farmers, these all-natural blends combine rolled oats with tasty, wholesome ingredients and locally produced sweeteners.

Mixes include Classic Blend (almonds, honey, coconut) and CocoMocha Commotion (pecans, turbinado sugar, cocoa, espresso powder).

As temps start to dip, you’ll crave autumnal flavors like My Cherry Amour (cherries, cinnamon, pistachios, pomegranate juice) and Going Nutless (sesame, pumpkin, and sunflower seeds sweetened with date molasses).

Bonus points for the cute four-ounce snack packs, perfect for getting goodness on the go.

That’s your kind of sackful.

Available at Juices Wild, 4450 Nelson Brogdon Boulevard, suite c6, Buford (678-714-7747 or juiceswild.net); online at goodnessgraciousgranola.com.