Where the Sidewalk Ends

What the #&*% is that? Did we learn in Daisies that this leaf is edible? Ohmigod it’s alive. Get it off me!

You’ve always wanted to love the great outdoors. They just scare and confuse the bejesus out of you.

Holli Richey will help you earn that nature badge yet.

The clinical herbalist and Georgia native bases her Whole Idea plant walks on simple plant education and the joy of rediscovering your own backyard.

On tours of neighborhoods and city parks, Richey points out medicinal and edible plants (yellow root, goldenrod, and passion flower vine are a few of Georgia’s abundant, natural healers) to get people to appreciate the green world around them.

Richey believes there’s as much botanical richness in urban settings as national parks, if you just take the time to notice and learn.

Scout’s honor.

For more information, go to wholeidea.net.