P.S. I Love You

i love you cards!

Your fifth-grade teacher. The hot neighbor who let you in when you locked yourself out. (Twice.) Yo mama.

And all you have for them is something you picked up in the birthday/friend aisle? Pathetic.

Give them their due with notelettes from I Love You Cards. Local photographer and self-proclaimed social experimenter Heidi Geldhauser started leaving small, sweet missives anonymously for anyone to find and pass along. (How very Amelie.)

Sign up to receive an envelope containing 25 “i love you” cards. (She takes requests for other languages, too.) Then put them on windshields. Tuck them into doorways. Make a surly waitress smile. Geldhauser asks only that you post pics of your efforts on her site.

Life’s a gamble, but these cards are guaranteed to please.

So hold ’em. Fold ’em. And most certainly show them.

Available online at iloveyoucards.org.

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Photo: Courtesy of I Love You Cards