Things That Make You Go Boom

Boot camp fatigues, twisted ankles, and barked orders were never your idea of fun.

Which is why it’s high time to blow the whistle on Boombox, fitness trainer Corey Waller’s new workout fusing intense cardio, calisthenics, and live beats by DJ Jobe (Tongue and Groove, Halo).

Tricep dip to Duran Duran, push it real good to you-know-who, or wail on a punching bag to the beat of your own drummer.

No two workouts are ever the same, so say goodbye to boredom. You may be surprised to find yourself disappointed when it’s time for cooldown.

But you’ll definitely be thrilled by how hot your boom-boom looks.

Available at Core Fitness, 3763 Roswell Road, at Ivy Walk Shopping Center, Buckhead (404-869-7225 or corefitnessatlanta.com).

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3763 Roswell Rd NE
in the Ivy Walk Shopping Center
Atlanta, GA 30342