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Brew Ha Ha

Cool. Smooth. With just enough going on up top.

Yeah. You’d tap that.

Don’t get ahead of yourself. We’re talking about Hop City Beer, just open at Brickworks.

Thirsty for brewskies? Thirsty for knowledge? Craft label enthusiast Kraig Torres’s drink boutique covers all the bases.

To the left, shop wire shelves filled with beers, torpedo kegs, and home brew supplies down to the yeast and malts. In back and farther right, check the cooler for chilled bottles, accessible fine wines, and etched branded mugs and stemware.

Don’t be shy about placing special orders — if it’s legal in Georgia, the staff will track it down. The place carries 250 Belgians alone, for goodness’ sake.

Oh, how your garten will grow.

Hop City Craft Beer & Wine, 1000 Marietta Street, suite 302, West Midtown (404-350-9998 or hopcitybeer.com).

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1000 Marietta St NW
ste 302
Atlanta, GA 30318