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The Guac Is Always Greener

You’ve been likened to a hard shell concealing a warm, mushy center. Note: You are not a pulled pork taco.

But since we’re on the subject, get your fill (and plenty more fillings) at new cantina Verde Taqueria.

Start with a casa salad (hola, cilantro vinaigrette, and smoked applewood bacon) and soups like green chicken chili. Grab a ’rita or bottled cerveza from the bar or patio and take in bright green walls and color-drenched global photos (yes, they’re for sale) courtesy of co-owner Alex Amit.

No need to take an interpreter. Buffalo tofu, fried calamari, grilled fish, and summer veggies are simple to order — and should be even easier to eat.

Just don’t go gettin’ soft on us.

Verde Taqueria, 1426 Dresden Drive, Brookhaven (404-254-5319 or verdetacos.com).