Build Me Up, Buttercup

When your eyes are on the prize, ain’t nothing gonna get in your way. Except for last season’s fringe bang overgrowth. Or a cowlick.

Tame your tresses with R-ki-tekt hair adornments by cute-as-pie shopgirl/designer Kelly Cadet.

The Billie collection — a line accented with New Zealand pheasant feathers and molded-leather prize ribbons — is anything but hair schtick. Palm-size pieces have dual functions: Wear ’em as brooches or wear ’em as hair combs.

Check the head-turning Idn (pronounced “eden”) headband line for mixes from peach suede and vintage lace to tomato red and silver lamé spiffed up with glass bead appliques.

Making this anything but a hairy situation.

Available at New Moon Skin Care, StudioPlex, 659 Auburn Avenue, Old Fourth Ward (404-375-5457); Jac, 245 North Highland Avenue, Inman Park (404-681-4696).

659 Auburn Ave NE
studioplex, studio 125
Atlanta, GA 30312
245 N Highland Ave NE
ste 120
Atlanta, GA 30307