Precious Moments

You don’t know any smelters. And you refuse to send an SASE full of heirloom jewelry to a strange dude on TV. (No matter how much he resembles the Quaker Oats man.)

Ivy Smith, Lisa Phoenix, and Deanna Brown — a.k.a. the Golden Girls — are ready and willing to give that junk jewelry of yours a silver lining.

In short, the lady friends turn mismatched earrings, broken bracelets, and fugly heirlooms into cold, hard cash. (And, yes, we tried ’em.)

You provide the pals, wine, and snacks. They bring the scales, rubber gloves, and electrometers to measure the pile of goods for purity and weight, then assess fair market value and write checks on the spot.

The noncatch catch? A small cut of the night’s cash goes to charity (host’s choice), and 10 percent goes to you for setting things up.

A thank-you for being a friend.

Golden Girls (770-331-8775 or