Wax On, Wax Off

Knock knock.

Who’s there?


Who-who who?

Who-who who’s cold and tired of getting some strip mall hack job instead of a proper salon waxing.

Get thee to Wax, a new studio devoted to providing just that.

White concrete floors, designer print wallpaper, and breezy rooms are light and inviting. A rainbow spread of Betty Beauty hair dye rounds out the selection, which also includes Archipelago candles and beauty goods on the front room shelves.

Step in for head-to-toe hair removal that’s customized to you. Owner Myka Barbato uses multiple wax types (a creamy French blend lends extra moisture; a veggie version is easy on sensitive skin) and mixes her own post-treatment oils to keep skin smooth and supple.

So no funny business, okay?

Wax, 280 Elizabeth Street, suite a105, Inman Park (404-525-8344 or wax-atlanta.com).

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