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Rumble in the Concrete Jungle

Announcer: Let’s get ready to ruuuuuumble!

In this corner, the omnipresent (original) Ray pizza joints on every corner — The Big Apple. And in this corner, officially open Monday, newbie Max’s Coal Oven Pizzeria — The Georgia Peach.

Concentrics Restaurants’s latest venture comes out swinging with the only genuine coal burner in Georgia. With a hulking 1,000-degree temp (for creating a perfectly balanced crust) the contender’s dukes are up.

NYC native and Little Italy fan chef Nick Oltarsh brings family recipes (red sauce included), choice meats, fresh veggies, and mozzarella to the table, rounding things out with salads, pastas, and sandwiches.

Fit in Terrapin swigs and swipes at oven-fired wings while you wait, and place a delivery or to-go order for a quick-serve punch.

We’re champing at the bit.

Max’s Coal Oven Pizzeria, 300 Marietta Street, Downtown (404-974-2941 or maxsatl.com).

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300 Marietta St NW
Atlanta, GA 30313