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They say that good news is just around the corner.

And voila: This week, The Kirkwood Corner Market arrives on the scene.

Co-owner Darren Harper describes it as a “neighborhood pantry,” and we’re prone to agree. Pop by for early-morning biscuits, croissants, and fresh coffee at the twin bistro tables inside.

Shop giftable glass vessels, Burt’s Bees lotions, and the store’s original garden decorations. A side patio (outfitted with picnic benches, potted plants, and flowers) is built for soaking in the sun and free Wi-Fi.

It’s like finding fun in your own backyard.

Only better.

The Kirkwood Corner Market, 1610 Hosea L. Williams Drive, Kirkwood (404-254-1836).

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1610 Hosea L Williams Dr SE
Atlanta, GA 30317