Hot Hot Beats

These tunes warrant a convertible and the open road. Or the nearest patio.

Heads Will Roll,” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
(Shut up and dance.)

Give Me the Meltdown,” by Rob Thomas
(Flash your ’80s cred.)

Kids,” by MGMT
(A catchy synth hook.)

Many Moons,” by Janelle Monáe
(You heard it here first.)

Only You (Bad Boy Remix),” by 112 featuring the Notorious B.I.G. & Mase
(Old school cool.)

I Am Goodbye,” by Bonnie “Prince” Billy
(Sure, it’s country. But you’ll like it.)

Summer Girls,” by LFO
(Oh, shut up. You loved it.)

Modern Guilt,” by Beck
(Finally, a nonguilty pleasure.)

In the Flood,” by Carll Wilkinson
(It’s like that guy in that band you knew in college who went solo — and got good.)

Bitter Heart,” by Zee Avi
(Warning: May result in floating.)

Dedicated to the One I Love,” by The Shirelles
(Old recordings like these? You can almost smell the room they were in.)

D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune),” by Jay-Z
(Turn up the bass booster.)