Rustle and Blow

It’s almost August and you never did get around to taking that balmy Bahamian cruise. (Sigh.) There’s still time to get swept away this summer — with Vivid Salon’s sweet pin-up do.

1. Start with clean, smooth hair. Curl from the root, using a 1½-inch curling iron. (Clamp down on root, wrapping strand around the barrel.)

step two!2. Part hair into three sections: crown, bottom left, and bottom right. Pull round brush through the crown, blowing with alternating blasts of hot and cold air.

3. Secure a low side ponytail (choose left or right) with a hair elastic and hair spray.

4. Separate small sections of ponytail hair, looping upward toward scalp and securing with pins.

step four!5. Tease middle section of crown at the root for volume. Pull front section of crown over teased hair. Smooth tips and twist down around ponytail.

6. Secure remaining strands with pins, leaving tips loose.

Swoop, there it is.

Or don’t DIY and go to Vivid Salon, 1401 North Highland Avenue, Morningside (404-685-3557 or vividatlanta.com).

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