How Many in Your Party?

ryan and jen of staplehouse!

For you, a house party means a keg of beer and a dozen pizzas.

For a classier take on informal dining, head to Jen and Ryan Hidinger’s Grant Park home.

He’s got Bacchanalia and Muss & Turner’s under his belt. By night, she serves as a welcoming hostess with the mostest. (Word on the blogosphere is that they’re testing concepts for a forthcoming neighborhood supper club/resto. Our sources agree.)

Sign up for online alerts about bimonthly, multicourse seatings for eight. Or — if you’re quick — score tix to their end-of-summer, taco-themed backyard bash: Bands, local chefs, and a silent projection of Three Amigos will ring in the new season.

And do plenty to spice things up.

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Photo: Jason Travis / Courtesy of Staplehouse