Head Case

You’ve got a mind like a steel trap. A slightly rusty, cloudy (but very well-equipped) steel trap.

Loosen up with a Mind Trigger workshop, starting next Saturday in Sam Flax’s public classroom.

Local brand whiz, designer, and thinker Marcelo Galvao leads “creative stretch” head games to clear out the cobwebs and get your brain buzzing.

Conceptual conundrums, timed sketches, and high-pressure hoo-ha are his forte. Take a pictogram stab at how Wile E. Coyote could actually beat the Road Runner. Go head-to-head for challenges like defining everyday words and phrases with abstract magazine tears or a set number of geometric shapes.

When it comes to getting cerebral, there are no wrong answers.

So no need to feel unhinged.

Available at Sam Flax, 1460 Northside Drive, West Midtown (404-352-7200). For more information, go to samflaxsouth.com.

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