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lowcountry foods!

Poor Peter Piper. All those peppers picked and only a paltry poem to show for it.

Had he taken note from Lowcountry Produce, he wouldn’t be in such a pickle.

Homegrown ingredients from South Carolina and Georgia are the goodness behind the succulent jarred foods line. Sure-to-please fig and berries stewed and sealed at the height of the growing season. Provincial staples like dilly beans, caponata, and artichoke chow chow are nearly meals on their own.

Check the company website and recipe-driven blog for entertaining tips and video cooking demos from in-house chef Maggie Radzwiller.

Sure to be more than a mouthful. But you won’t mind.

Available at Savor Gourmet, 2355 Peachtree Road, Buckhead (404-869-0070); Star Provisions, 1198 Howell Mill Road, West Midtown (404-365-0410); online at lowcountryproduce.com. For recipe ideas, go to lowcountryproduce.blogspot.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Lowcountry Produce

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