Living off the Wall

young collectors club!

Sometimes, high-minded chatter, an air of exclusivity, and the company of strangers is totally off-putting.

And sometimes, it’s totally awesome.

Consider this your entree into Young Collectors Club. Independent curator Mary Stanley’s limited-invite gatherings feature bimonthly, happy hour viewings and educational sessions.

This month, kick things off with a private spin around art maven Fay Gold’s home gallery, then take advantage of backroom collection peeks, visiting curator Q and A’s, and buying ops for works from up-and-coming artists that won’t break the bank. (We spied artist Fahamu Pecou, an Eno wine tasting and showing entitled Obsession, and time with Lumière Gallery owner Bob Yellowlees on the calendar.)

Guest passes, buddy member plans, and pay-as-you-attend pricing ensure that nobody has to feel excluded.

Unless she wants to.

Young Collectors Club at Mary Stanley Studio, 211 Fifteenth Street, Midtown (404-892-3211 or marystanleystudio.com.

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Mary Stanley Studio
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Atlanta, GA 30309