Mr. Green Jeans

eco-friendly maid service!

Green Maid is designed for those too lazy, loopy, or listless to haul household recycling to the curb.

Green Maid Instructions

Players: Industrious Alex Sherman and his tree-hugging brigade of house cleaners.

Pieces: Homemade, organic cleaning products derived from essential oils, plants, vinegar, distilled water, and food-grade hydrogen peroxide. All can be concocted for home use. (Batteries not included.)

Goal: No more irritated eyes or toxin-clogged lungs.

Hint: Enlist add-on services — laundry, oven and fridge cleaning, recurring recycling drops.

Gameplay: Sherman factors in number of rooms, people, and pooches when calculating a rate. The twentysomething endeavors to leave your home more and more clean (read: less and less expensive to maintain) over time.

Winning: Be the first left fully sanitized, satisfied, and utterly weak in the knees. No chemical fumes required.

Eco-Friendly Maid Service (678-622-8776 or ecofriendlymaidservices.com).