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Care to Sweeten the Deal?

chay j's!

Seems we find ourselves in a sticky situation.

Sweetie, it’s high time you put your hands on the table.

If only to dig into Chay J’s pretzels, pecans, and tarts.

Quick-on-the-draw New Orleans-born Channon “Chay” Powell delivers and ships Southern treats to your door. Place your bets on signature Creole pretzels for a full round of large-grain salt, caramel, and pecans. Tip your hat to chocolate and Creole pralines, sweet potato and pecan pies and minis, and chocolate-covered strawberries dipped to order.

No need to worry that you’re rolling the dice: Most domestic orders arrive in a couple of days.

And send you out in a glaze of glory.

Available online at chayjs.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Chay J’s New Orleans Candies