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The Icing Queen


Knave of Hearts: Um, babe, where are the tarts?

Queen of Hearts: Oh, please. I’m not baking for you anymore. Not since Bakeshop is opening right in Midkingdom. The official proclamation says Tuesday.

Knave: Honey, you know I’m interested only in your royal goodies.

Queen: If it’s fresh and hot you’re after, we shall henceforth feast on batches from former Trois pastry chef Jonathan St. Hilaire. From the Court of Concentrics, he’s conjuring delicacies like milk chocolate banana croissants, pineapple braided Danish, and traditional morning pastries.

Knave: Yet a man cannot live by pastry alone!

Queen: Of course not. That’s why Bakeshop has daily takeaway sandwiches and salads. Among them, fried egg with BBQ pork on cheddar ciabatta and a chopped mozzarella bowl with chickpeas, cherry tomatoes, and radicchio. What a sweetie pie, that St. Hilaire.

Knave: He’s stolen my tart’s heart clean away!

Queen: Oh, you can have your tart. And eat cake, too.

Bakeshop, 903 Peachtree Street, suite c, Midtown (404-892-9322 or bakeshopatl.com).

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