Above the Belt


For the most part, going day to night means undoing a button and finding a kick-proof spot under the bar for your laptop. (And then not forgetting it.)

Gemma shirts might be a better way to pull it together.

Silky fabrics and quirky-classy patterns make for the kind of tops that are as good under a blazer as they are out on the town.

Pull on a royal blue tank encircled with elephants, a white tee speckled with black bows, or a black silk shirt with a white chain-link print that takes itself seriously enough for a conference room but isn’t too stuffy for a karaoke bar.

Top that.

Available at Meringue, 1393 North Highland Avenue, Morningside (404-724-0960); Jac, 245 North Highland Avenue, suite 120, Inman Park (404-681-4696); online at shopbop.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Gemma

1393 N Highland Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30306
245 N Highland Ave NE
ste 120
Atlanta, GA 30307