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Your Tank Runneth Over?

flat creek lodge!

Get-your-hands-dirty is your middle name. So if you’re in the mood for a foodie farm visit, go on and take your pick.

Farm: Flat Creek Lodge
Foodie Following: Whole Foods, Sawicki’s, Savor Gourmet.
Feast On: Award-winning, artisanal cheese and local game. Catch a fish at the lake and have it plated in the dining room the same night. Meet-and-pet dairy visits with head cheese Dane Huebner are perfect for seeing what all the funk is about.
Find ’Em: 367 Bishop Chapel Church Road, Swainsboro (478-237-3474).

greenleaf farms!Farm: Greenleaf
Foodie Following: Dynamic Dish, Decatur Farmers Market, Peachtree Road Farmers Market.
Feast On: Radishes, kale, watermelon, cantaloupe, greens, tomatoes, and more. Ring dreadlocked farmer Greg Brown to schedule a trip (the best days are Sunday and Monday) and shadow him around his salt-of-the-earth CSA farmstead.
Find ’Em: 201 Highway 36 Bypass, Barnesville (678-596-6803).

full moon farms!Farm: Full Moon Farms
Foodie Following: Farm 255.
Feast On: Biodynamic, local grub at the feel-good, foodie-fave sister restaurant (farmer Jason Mann is a co-owner). Put post-meal pep in your step with an educational cupping session (and Friday afternoon open house) at local roaster 1000 Faces. E-mail info@fullmooncoop.org for buzz about seasonal workdays and farmstead lectures.
Find ’Em: 1695 Spring Valley Road, Athens.

truly living well!Farm: Truly Living Well
Foodie Following:
Sevananda, Dynamic Dish, and at their own Wednesday roadside market.
Feast On: Swiss chard, spinach, garlic, beets, and okra. K. Rashid Nuri’s urban farm is popular among grubbers of all ages for a reason: Tykes can lend a hand pruning and weeding, while you learn the finer points of edible landscaping, home gardening, and responsible land cultivation.
Find ’Em: 3353 Washington Road, East Point (404-520-8331).

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Photos: Courtesy of Flat Creek Lodge; Courtesy of Greenleaf Farms; Jason Mann / Courtesy of Full Moon Farms; Courtesy of Truly Living Well

Flat Creek Lodge
367 Bishop Chapel Church Rd
Summertown, GA 30401
Full Moon Farms
1695 Spring Valley Rd
Athens, GA 30683
Truly Living Well Natural Urban Farms
3353 Washington Rd
East Point, GA 30344
1000 Faces Coffee
585 Barber St
Athens, GA 30601
Greenleaf Farms
201 Highway 36 Bypass
Barnesville, GA 30204
Whippoorwill Hollow Farm
3905 Hwy 138
Covington, GA 30014