What Do We Have Here?

From an aspirational accessories habit to outing little Timmy next door, your dress-up skills have always been more nature than nurture. (You were 5. He was fab.)

The changing closets at My My My won’t pose much challenge.

The midtown boutique is bursting at the seams with costume jewelry, soap opera-worthy cocktail wear, and a budding designer vintage spread. Owner John Sam has The Bold and the Beautiful and Y&R hookups and has been collecting and redesigning pieces since the ’80s.

Root through fur stoles, replica Victorian-era blouses, and oversize jewels. Serpent cuffs, feathered headpieces and hat pins, and sequined frocks could keep a kid busy for hours.

Just imagine the damage you could do.

My My My, 900 Peachtree Street, suite 100b, Midtown (404-549-3302).

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900 Peachtree St NE
ste 100b
Atlanta, GA 30309