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Let the Food Times Roll

online school!

You were always too cool for school. Then along came Glee — and now you’re dreaming of getting nerdy with your new pals Rachel and Kurt (and dirty behind the bleachers with Mr. Schuester).

Here’s another way to get back to class: 50 Incredible Lectures for the Ultimate Foodie.

The free video library draws on various Internet sources to bring you a great way to kill time between meals.

Watch Malcolm Gladwell talk about the pursuit of the perfect spaghetti sauce. See Wendell Berry, Michael Pollan, and others converse about the slow food revolution. Fred Kaufman takes viewers on a fun-filled journey through the world of gourmands and their fascination with good eats. And some lady named Natalie lays out the origins and evils of ketchup.

Plus, there are expert lectures on rawism, food safety, and managing your health through diet.

It’s something to sing about.

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Photo: Courtesy of Fox