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once like a spark photography!

The glasses were atwinkle. The laugh lines were acrinkle. Things were really starting to click.

Specifically, Cali Freeman’s camera. Commission Freeman and biz partner/sis Ashley Steele of Once like a Spark to document your next ceremony, shindig, or milestone event.

Wedding and traditional portraits sure are pretty, but you’ll go wide-eyed for their less conventional stuff and artful finishing touches. Fly-on-the-wall dinner party shots, camping trip tagalongs, and grown-up excursions to the city fair are even more memorable when presented as online slide shows set to music (their signature format); vintage-looking albums; and ready-to-mount, stretched canvas image boards.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

In this case, “wow” just about sums it up.

Once like a Spark Photography (678-772-5081 or oncelikeaspark.com).

Photo: Courtesy of Once Like a Spark

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