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And Now, It's Time for the Breakdown


Girl 1: Oh. my. gah. Becky.

Girl 2: Wha?

Girl 3: Check out her bottle bev. It’s just. so. fresh.

We like Kenari juice drink and we cannot lie.

The brand new sipper is a refreshing remix of Roswell-harvested goodness. Grower Jonathan Hosseini and crew attribute its tangy top notes to ginger, chocolate mint, lemon, and Persian basil. Imagine freshly pressed, spiced-up apple juice, and you’re on the right taste track.

The company handles growing and distribution the old-fashioned way, selling at farmers markets and food stands first, then at wee spots like Cafe Campesino (as of a few weeks ago).

Turbinado sugar (keeping servings at 60 calories a pop) will have your taste buds jumping for joy.

Just in time for the party in your mouth.

Available at TahCha Tea House, 3352 Chamblee Tucker Road, suite c, Chamblee (770-454-8103).

Photo: Courtesy of Kenari

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