Baby, It's Cold Outside

chippey's nipple covers!

The intricacies of intimacies have never been your specialty.

But “Chippey’s nip covers” will roll off your tongue.

The locally designed, half-dollar-size nipple concealers come in shades like salt and pepper. Flavors like cinnamon are on the way (don’t ask us).

Unlike similar products, the moldable disks hang on — and stay on — by conforming to your breasts once your body heats them up (as opposed to relying on glue or straps).

You shouldn’t burn your bra drawer just yet, but when you do want to freeball, you’ll be better off wearing these than experimenting with chicken cutlets, toupee tape, or Band-Aids.

Because everyone knows, loose nips sink ships.

Available at LiviRae Lingerie, 2975 Ring Road, Kennesaw (770-429-7004).

Photo: Sam Hood / Flickr

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2975 Ring Rd
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