Assume the Position


Freeze. Don’t move a muscle. Now put those guns where we can see ’em.

Well, well, well. Lookin’ good.

We’re willing to bet that ActivCore classes are the culprit.

The new stability-based class (one of only eight in the nation) incorporates suspension, floor work, and held postures for a noncardio workout that still gets you to sweat.

Move through familiar positions (like prone and plank) while appendages remain stirruped in the air. Sixty- to 90-second intervals (mixed with 30-second rest periods) make for fast, middle-whittling results.

Fun discs (to create instability and increase burn), hip harnesses (to counterbalance your body weight), and variations on familiar poses are ideal for breaking through Pilates plateaus and sculpting your body from head to toe.

Busted? You’ll look anything but.

Available at Studio Lotus, 1145 Zonolite Road, suite 13, Zonolite District (404-817-0900 or studiolotus.com).

Photo: Courtesy of Studio Lotus

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