Just Do It

brina beads!

When it comes to DIY, you dive in head first. Which explains why you’re knee-deep in kitten mittens, homemade wine, and three-armed sweaters.

And no good holiday gift ideas.

Here’s one: Sabrina Davis’s new fabric chain jewelry. The open-ended chain-link strands come in a Rainbow Brite array — from hot pink and chartreuse to pewter and chocolate brown.

Now the fun part: Rummage Davis’s homegrown collection of costume brooches, stately crests, and pins to secure lariats, bracelets, and neck hangers of your own design. Jewel-eyed jungle cats, golden beetles, leaves, and crests make for eye-catching mix-and-matchers that any gal would want to call hers.

Even you.

Brina Beads, 3231 Cains Hill Place, suite a, Buckhead (404-816-8230).

Photo: Courtesy of Brina Beads

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3231 Cains Hill Pl NW
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