The Girl in the Iron Mask

dermophisiologique magnet facial!

You’re hot, then you’re cold. You’re yes, then you’re no.

Dermophisiologique’s magnet-based facial is sure to please both your poles.

And Nectar Mobile Spa founder Alicia Butterfield brings the service to you.

It starts with a milk cleanse, then you snuggle under blankets for eye cream and a minty visage compress. Next, she slathers on an iron-infused mask, concentrating on hyperpigmented and puffy spots.

Here comes the coolest part: Butterfield passes a magnet over the whole shebang. The mixture turns white. Iron particles and bound impurities are drawn to the surface, and you’ll feel your head hairs stand on end.

After extractions, a tonic, algae mask, and customized finishing lotion (hyaluronic acid for intense moisture; sebo-stop for acne-prone skin), she’s gone — leaving you with brighter, clearer, tighter skin.

It’s up to you whether to go out or stay in.

Alicia Butterfield (404-277-0911 or alicia@dermousa.com).

Photo: Courtesy of Dermophisiologique