An All-Star Cast

sweetest things!

Wishes. Gelato flights. Puppies in baskets. They say that the best things come in threes.

Which is why we’re leaving the task of picking Atlanta’s Sweetest Things winners to you.

Outside-the-box nominees aren’t going to make it easy. (After all, the globe-trotting dressmaker and aspiring restaurateurs-turned-dinner-club-hosts wouldn’t have it any other way.)

You’ll have to use your noggin’ — so adorning it with locally designed, conceptual paper headwear won’t hurt. And it’s completely clandestine. Just like all that across-the-pond, virtual boutique shopping and wine jelly snacking you’ve been doing lately. (You’re welcome.)

No pressure. We’ll love you no matter whom you choose. But a little goes a long way when it comes to votes.

We’re counting on yours.

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