Flock of Seagulls

birdalupe earrings!

Aeronautics, princessery, and Malibu beach life were fun and all, but 9-year-old Cindy wasn’t buyin’ Barbie and her so-called Rockers.

She raided her big sister’s jewelry box and struck alt-style gold: Birdalupe accessories, befitting (and often named for) Jem and the Holograms.

She found earrings and hair clips called Stormer, Synergy, and Kimber: jagged, vivid strips of leather combined into dangly bobs. And bitchin’ necklaces made from chunks of plastic and brass.

She longed for a fake ID with which to sneak into El Bar and Graveyard Tavern to meet Birdalupe designer (and bartender) Ali Sage to get a custom piece of “outer-spaced weirdness” for herself. Sage works from clients’ bags and belts, and Cindy was ready with a stash stolen from sis.

This rip-off was a no-brainer.

To see styles, go to birdalupe.etsy.com. For custom orders, e-mail birdalupe@mac.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Birdalupe