Write This Down

meyya calligraphy!

The naughty: You just Tivo’d over a full season of your babe’s fave show.

The nice: You know exactly how to sweeten things up — with a handwritten keepsake from Meyya.

By day, Marietta graphic designer Melba Cleckley wields panache on event invites and envelopes. But it’s the personalized scrawly stuff that sets her apart. Take anything that inspires you and feel free to start off by writing sentiments in your own words. Cleckley’s a former English major, so she’s handy with the final edits.

Among her musings: calligraphed apologies (booyah, Tiger); a couple’s theme song; and one woman’s five-page answer to a marriage proposal, hand-delivered to the fiance upon his return from an overseas tour of duty.

Careful or you’ll smudge the ink.

And you’ve fudged up enough already.

Meyya (678-471-2299 or

Photo: Courtesy of Meyya