Hot to Trot

vista yoga!

When it comes to New Year endeavors, it’s all about baby steps. Might as well start with some fun ones.

Rinse, Lather, Repeat
Get a load of recently added BYO-iPod facials at Sweet Samba, where seasonal produce infusions and happy hour mimosas only sweeten the deal.

Then Delegate
Enlist Pamper It Clean lifestyle consultant Diane Pruitt to whip your abode into shape with natural, organic cleaning solutions (and homemade product instruction). New Vista Yoga studio sets the scene for massage and family-friendly classes, including core-yoga mix and rhythmic sessions.

Relax, Relate, Release
Fly solo at candlelit Urban Yoga classes above Danneman’s industrial coffee joint space. (Coleccion Luna designer Stephanie Jolluck teaches Monday and Tuesday evenings, followed by world talk and teas.)

Then Hop to It
Bop out with the saddle-shoe-loving crew from Down South Swing. Take lessons and see shows of Lindy, Charleston, turns, and throws.

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry
Lactaid, schactaid. Creamy Ice Supreme (available at local retailers) was created by a dairy lover who couldn’t digest the real stuff but didn’t want to part with the frozen taste. The flavors — pecan, lemon, strawberry — more than make up for the moo factor.

But Mostly Drink
Soda lovers be damned — and pleasantly surprised. Isaac’s gourmet lemonades can be custom-mixed from figs, papayas, plums, and strawberries for catered events.

Yup. Easy does it.

Photo: Courtesy of Vista Yoga