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Your Pachydermis Is Showing

sauced atlanta!
Photos: Robin Henson / Courtesy of Sauced

Pink Elephant 1: Dahling, I’m sloshy and seem to have forgotten there’s no late-night gourmet in this part of town.

Pink Elephant 2: Oh, tipsy dear, you’re ruining our reputation. Let’s head to the new retro modern nosh on Edgewood by Ria Pell and Stephen Gannon.

1: Oh, right! Of Ria’s Bluebird fame. New South dinner spot, oui?

2: Yes, yes. Guinness-braised short rib beef Wellington with mushroom duxelle, Colman’s mustard paint, and house demi with Brussels sprouts are the talk of the concrete jungle.

1: What about the sauce? My martini glass is feeling light.

2: Don’t fret, my pet. The pros hand-muddle pre-Prohibition cocktails like the Lime Rickey and Dixie Cup (made with spicy Red Rock ginger ale, sugar cane syrup, and Four Roses bourbon).

1: Got to remember this one postbender.

2: There, there. How could we forget?

Sauced, 753 Edgewood Avenue, Inman Park (404-688-6554 or saucedatlanta.com).

Photo: Robin Henson / Courtesy of Sauced

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753 Edgewood Ave NE
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