Healthy Detoxes and Cleanses That Won't Make You Crazy

Put Your Colon on a Diet

healthy detoxes and juice cleanses!

We knew the lemon juice and spicy sugar water approach to cleansing had lost its allure when it started sounding less like a detox and more like an ideal base for a vodka cocktail. Fortunately, we found three new programs to inspire that spring health thing we always swear we’re going to do.

Superhero Smoothie Kit ($189)
Holistic health expert and celebrity raw chef Orion Solarian assembled seven superfoods and dynamic nutrients for an at-home kit; ingredients include Sacha Inchi oil from the Peruvian rain forest and adaptogen-rich maca from the Andes. We like to cut the dry ingredients’ earthy flavor by mixing with coconut water. It’s breakfast with an energy boost.

Don’t be surprised if you find your tastes change: Each shake provides everything your body needs to get through the day, so sugar cravings and caffeine joneses will, they say, fall by the wayside.

One Day Wonder Cleanse (Free)
Red Carpet Cleanses might be available for delivery only in Los Angeles, but the site has a free how-to starter plan for anywhere. The 24-hour detox is designed to give your digestive system a break and features four make-at-home recipes (an eye-opening green drink, a vitamin C and high-fiber shot, the brand’s signature mango kale smoothie, and a filling raw salad). Also included in the welcome packet are eight smoothie recipes formulated to up wellness every day.

Body Health Detox Cleanse ($246)
Designer Rebecca Minkoff tipped us off to this chemical-, pesticide-, and general pollutant-fighting seven-day plan. To purportedly hit the reset button on your system, supplement a DIY diet of organic fruits and vegetables that are raw, steamed, or lightly sauteed with four types of vitamin and mineral sprays and pills. The first 72 hours can be rough, but health is on the way after day three.

Cleanses are only the tip of the iceberg. Check out ten other ways to get a beach body without breaking a sweat.

Photo: Courtesy of Flickr